Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School Saved Us

School saved me us.

It's true. 

I LOVE being home with my girls.  I love it so much that I wish I could do it all the time, full time...especially now that the older two are in school (one for all five days and one for three full, heavenly days).

I know a few fabulous bloggers that homeschool their children.  I give them so, so, so much credit.  I don't know how they do it.  You can check out these lovely ladies here:
Happy Little Feet
Diapers or Wine
Peanut Layne

But seriously folks.  School saved us all this year.

Who knew it was possible for two kids to fight over so many everyday, meaningless things?  Well, now I know.

Kids (or at least my two oldest little gems) will fight over...
who got downstairs first.
who looked at who with a funny/mean/ugly/dirty face.
who got the "new favorite color" cup that day.
who ate the last popsicle.
who got into the car first.
who sat next to me on the couch.
who is in the other person's "favorite spot" on our very large sectional that can easily seat all of us but let's go all fight club over the one spot.
who gets to feed the dog that we ignore most of the time anyway but now all of a sudden want to feed.
who can eat the last banana although neither one ever wants bananas but now that only one is left, it is complete drama city.
who the youngest runs to first when the are both calling her.
who go their shoes on first.
who has a "prettier" outfit on that day or why one gets to wear a skirt while the other has to wear "stupid shorts" (it's called too much dirty laundry my dears...you don't like it, do it yourself!)

It goes on and on and on....day after day after lonnnnnggggg day. 

So school is back in and it was a complete godsend.  No kidding here.  A gift from God. 

Some people are sad about their kids going back to school.  When I hear this (or more likely, read it on facebook), I start to feel guilty.  Why am I not sad?  Am I am bad mom?  NO I AM NOT.  My kids have got to go back to school for the good of this family.  The fighting and bickering had to stop...or at least from the hours of 8 to 4 during the school week.  The evenings are still chock full of fighting and whining goodness.  But that I can take.  My psyche can handle that. 

We are all better people now.  School saved me us.

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  1. Ahahah!!! ohMAHword, same crap goes on here. It is indeed magical, is it not? And a lot if the time i am jealous of people who send kids to school!! Thank you SO much for the shout out:)

  2. You make me laugh. My kids FIGHT over everything. I love the fighting over to feed the dog. That happens here to. Thank you so much for the mention. The fighting over clothing thing is a problem too. I have to admit I just let them change 10 times a day and do 5 loads of laundry. The laundry is quite.....

  3. When your kids are at school (ahem ... apart), they really do learn to appreciate each other more!! I wouldn't feel guilty at all! A few weeks ago at the nail salon, I was talking to another SAHM who said the same thing ... her boys fought so badly over summer, she was counting down the minutes until school started again.

    Great post - thanks so much for the mention! :)

  4. Agreed!!! It's amazing what they choose to fight over, really. Such power plays between these kiddos. It was a glorious day when they started back to school this fall. GLORIOUS. Love you and love this! :-)

  5. Amen, sister. By the end of summer, I was saying to my youngest, "I'm so proud of how you haven't hit any of your brothers for 5 whole minutes! That's progress, buddy." Actually, it's pathetic, but it that was my summer in a nutshell. P.S. Love the facelift!

  6. Totally! Besides, my son loves school...he gets to chill out with his friends instead of....us! :S

  7. I thought my kids were the only kids on this planet that fought over who got to sit beside me on the couch... I really enjoyed this post.... I am a mom that school saved! I so relate to everything you talked about in this blog.. I am a single stay at home mom to 4 kids and the fighting gets worse and worse every summer... Thank Goodness for SCHOOL!!

  8. NO you are not a bad mom!! Every mother needs to be away from their kids for a little bit so they can miss them! My kids fight over all the same things....I'm ready to just them beat the snot out of each other. My youngest daughter will whoop the other two ;)


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