Friday, September 28, 2012

Give Me 5 for Friday: Must See TV!

I love this time of year.  The weather is getting cooler, leaves are changing...and my favorite shows are back!!!

Today for Give Me 5 for Friday, I am going to list my top 5 favorite shows from the week.  Three of them were season premieres that I waited anxiously for all summer...after forgetting what the damn season finale was even about in the meantime.  But I am so psyched they are back on.

It is important to note that many of these shows are recorded on my DVR and watched in the late night hours when the kids are fast asleep.  Because a) I would never allow my kids to watch some of these inappropriate mature shows and b) I have absolutely NO CONTROL over the television when the kids are awake.  Oh, and not like they watch television every waking moment either, so calm down Judgy Mcjudgersons.

Here's the same awful pic again...because I never got around to taking a new one.

My Top 5 Must See Shows this week were:

1.  Modern Family
One word...HILARIOUS.  I cried.  Honestly, tears streaming down my face when Cam and Mitchell had the elephant and gorilla on top of the car.  The subtly of this show is what makes it so funny.  Like when Cam was hinting on where he wanted to go on vacation (Branson, MO?).  Too funny.  Every one of those characters cracks my up. 

2.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey
I love me some reality television and this is my favorite Real Housewives show.  I can't wait for the three part reunion starting on Sunday night!  RHONJ is my #1 guilty pleasure.

3.  Grey's Anatomy
After the season finale cliff hanger, I was so excited to watch the premiere!!! It was good but I can't wait for next week to see what happened right after the plane crash.  I have to say though...this is the most depressing storyline.  These doctors just can't get a break.  Season after season, there is more tragedy. 

4.  Flipping Out
This has been on for a few weeks now, but it is my other favorite reality television program!  I can't get enough of Jeff and Jenni...and Gage.  Oh and Zoila!!! She is the best.  I hope they continue to show more of her this year.  And Jeff's...I mean, Jenni's wedding will be a season highlight.  But I love how Jeff is so stressed about it.  Oh Jeffrey Lewis...your dry sense of humor gets me every time.

5.  Scandal
I watched this one sporadically last season (the first season for the show), but I plan on really watching it regularly this year.  It's on after Grey's Anatomy and it is chock full of suspense and twists.  Maybe this will fill the void that was left from Lost.  But I doubt it.

What were your top 5 shows this week?

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  1. RHWONJ is done now... I look forward to the next installment of Orange County & Beverly Hills. Not thrilled with the new NY cast. Don't like Miami or Atlanta :)

    Greys, for sure!
    Awaiting Mentalist
    Awaiting Once Upon a Time
    Private Practice

  2. I'm not much of a RHO watcher. For me this week it was:

    1. Revolution (which I freaking fell ASLEEP during the damn last 10 mins and still don't know what happened.

    2. Phillies vs. Nationals (moved from NJ to WV and the only time I ever get to see my Phillies play is when they play the Nats.

    3. Criminal Minds!!!! Love me some Shemar Moore and some Thomas Gibson!!!!!!

    4. Person of Interest. GOD how I love this show. So deep!!! And Jim Caviziel is delicious

    5. Elementary. I've been waiting for this show to premier because I really like Jonny Lee Miller AND had no idea he was actually British!!

    That's it for me for the week. Have an awesome weekend, babe!!


  3. Great list. Here's mine:

    Grey's Anatomy
    Sons of Anarchy
    Modern Family
    Big Bang Theory

  4. I absolutely love Modern Family!! Watched the new one yesterday and the elephant and gorilla were hilarious!!


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