Saturday, September 8, 2012

There's nothing better than...

You know those times when you are sitting there enjoying something and you think, "there is nothing better than this"?

Sometimes it's just the little things.

Here's my list.

1.  Waking up and realizing the kids slept all their OWN beds.

2.  An ice cold beer (and I mean COLD, like where ice chips float on top of the beer after you pour it into an icy mug).

3.  A hug from someone after a bad day.

4.  The smell of a newborn.

5.  A slice of American cheese fresh from the deli.

6.  A good friend that lets you vent and doesn't judge.

7.  Listening to your kids play, and NOT fight.

8.  Turning on the radio and hearing the exact song that you wanted to hear.

9.  A Friday...that also happens to be payday.

10.  A peanut butter and jelly sandwich on fresh bread (I don't know why my oldest doesn't like them.  Those bad boys are good.  Period.)

11.  Laughing until you cry.

12.  Karma...because sometimes she is a b&%ch, but sometimes she gets it JUST RIGHT.

13.  The perfect cup of coffee.

14.  Velveeta cheese (Stop, it's good.  Don't judge.)

15.  A rainy day when you really need one.

16.  Logging in to pay a bill, and then discovering that you already paid it.

17.  Finding $20 in your pants pocket (or any amount for that matter).

18.  Early to bed night for the kids.

19.  A glass of nice chilled white wine.

20.  Getting a positive comment from a reader of my blog:)

21.  A clean house (I think....but I don't quite remember what that looks like).

22.  A fun family party.

23.  The feeling after a run.

24.  A good margarita.

25.  Guacamole (why is most of my list food and alcohol...jeez).

26.  A dinner out with my husband...without the kids. (again with the food...)

27.  Hearing my kids laugh, like really laugh...that deep belly laugh that makes everyone else laugh.

28.  The white, intense quiet after a snowfall.

29.  A beautiful beach day.

30.  Seeing the excitement on my kids' faces when we got to Disney World.

31.  Relaxing by the pool without another thing to do all day.

32.  A good finding a little gem in the clearance section that is 70% off:)

33.  Finding jeans that fit just right.

34.  Fresh,clean sheets on the bed.

35. Having someone tell me that they enjoy reading this blog...and that it gives them a good laugh from time to time.

SO what's on your list? 

My list is not complete.  It could go on and on...and I will continue to add to it.  Feel free to let me know what I should add!!!

Oh, and you know what else is GREAT?  When readers go over to the right-------> yep, right over there, and click on the Top Mommy Blogs link for me.  One click=one vote. 
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  1. Your blog looks really cute. I love the stripes, the colors and your button!

    Finding a pair of jeans that fits well is like a Christmas morning miracle. I think having a clean hose is the best especially after someone else cleans it!

    This list is great!

  2. I really enjoy your blog! It makes me feel good to know I'm not the only Mom that's barely hanging onto sanity. Keep up the good work!

  3. - when your "tight" jeans are now your comfy jeans :)
    - Sitting on the beach early in the morning just watching the waves

    Love your list too :)

  4. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Liebster Blog Award, but it’s a great way for bloggers to recognize and encourage each other. It’s a compliment, blogger style. I recently received the award and, because I follow and enjoy your writing, am bestowing it on you. Read my post here then write you own and link back to me. I hope you’ll enjoy paying it forward as much as I have.

  5. Love this list. I love picking up a warm baby out of their crib they are so snugly

  6. Love the list! Mine would be good snuggling with the kids (the non-wiggle-trying-to-get-away kind), because I know they are going to be "too old" to want to snuggle me soon; a quiet time to read; snuggling with hubby under the covers.

  7. Yep, I agree with this list, especially #'s 1, 7, 10, 13, and 24 :) Oh and 35 of course!

  8. Love the list!! Most of my list would also revolve around food and making it through the day without my kids fighting!!

  9. Just reading your list made me smile! Now having all 35 on one day?, AWESOME....... A margarita on a beach day, followed by laughing kids serving you Velveeta and Chilled Wine, followed by a cold beer with guacamole by a pool, until it rains and you can slip into your clean sheets with a perfect PB&J!
    Loved your list!


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