Sunday, April 15, 2012

Being a Mom Means...

I read this article last year about the meaning of being a mom.  You can check it out here.

Also, just for shits and giggles, you can check out the meaning of the word mother on sites like or
You will come up with all sorts of responses. also gives you great tips on how to avoid being a moody mother, or a tired mother, or how to be a working mother, or a stay at home mother.  Damn, when I am moody I should just google "how to NOT be a moody mother?" Problem solved.  Who knew it was that easy.

Anywho, it got me thinking about what is really means to be a mother...all the great, wonderful, mushy stuff along with all the not so fun stuff.

Here is a list I began compiling, in no particular order.  And I say began, because this list is obviously not exhaustive.  Everyone has different things that they would have on their own list.  I encourage you to share some of your "meanings" in the comments section so I can add them to the list!

Being a mom means....
  • you will NEVER stop worrying.  From the second that you get a positive pregnancy test until the day that you die, there will always be something to worry about.
  • you will not sleep in, truly sleep in, for a solid 2 decades.  And by the time you are able to sleep in, you probably won't even want to.
  • you will contradict everything that you said about the type of parent you would be before you had children.
  • you will honestly do ANYTHING IN YOUR POWER, to keep your kids safe.  Anything.
  • your pets will get on your nerves (sorry, I LOVE my pets, but it's really annoying when kids are whining and the dog is following me around or barking at the back door).
  • you will spend more money on your childrens' clothes they you ever would on yourself.  New wardrobes every season? Those little buggers grow too freakin' fast!  Meanwhile, you will wear the same shirt bought back in 2002...for $ Target.
  • you will be the annoying person that wants to show everyone pics of their children.  You just will.  Even if you can't stand being subjected to other peoples' 80+ kindergarten graduation pictures on facebook, you will be so proud of your little munchkin, that you will do it too.  To some degree.
  • you will TRULY understand what multi-tasking means.  You will be able to feed a baby a bottle but holding them in one arm and propping the bottle up with your chin, while talking on the phone, and making pancakes. 
  • you will cry and think that you might just lose your ever-loving mind some days. 
  • you will be so impressed with your parenting skills on other days, and in those "moments of weakness" you may decide that you got it all figured out.
  • you will simultaneously want your children to grow up and stay babies forever.
  • you will give in when you know you shouldn't because you can't possibly handle a tantrum or meltdown at that moment. 
  • you will love these little people that are your children so much, more than your could have ever imagined.  Even when they whine, complain, fight with each other, spill an entire box of cheerios on your kitchen floor, ruin a good 2/3 of your makeup playing dress up, color on the walls, push you away, or scream and cry in the middle of the store.  You will still love them.

So what do you think??? Feel free to help me add to the list.

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  1. Awesome - and all so very true. Here's another: you will post embarrassing pictures of them on FB because they're hilarious, and positive affirmation helps you stay sane.

  2. This is FANTASTIC!! Here's will never forget how to laugh! If you don't laugh, you will seriously lose it! LOVE IT!

  3. Love every one of them!! And do't forget embarrassing the kiddos (and yourself too) at every turn!!

  4. This is a wonderful list. I would also add this:
    You will want to wrap your child in bubble wrap because you will constantly see all the possible ways they could die on every piece of furniture they climb, outdoor play equipment they misuse, or other safety rule they break.
    - just keep swimming

  5. I think the jeans I am wearing right now are from 1998

  6. I loved this, and I agree with all of them. I just spent 200 bucks at The Children's Place on these little blessings, and you've seen my post about t shirts I still own...
    On a side note, when you comment on my posts, I get an email but they dont show up on my blog. This sucks bc your commenrs are funny.


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