Sunday, April 29, 2012

Even though it's Sunday night, I am THANKFUL

A few days ago, one of my favorite ladies You Know It Happens at Your House Too wrote a post about being thankful.  She challenged us to find 10 things that we are thankful for and write them down. 

I loved this challenge because one thing that I am good at doing is complaining.  I can't help it.  I complain about stuff like the messy house or the kids misbehaving and I hate that I do it.  There are so many things that I have to be thankful for and I need to zip it and stop bitching and moaning about unimportant crap. 

So 10 you go

1.  When it is all said and done, at the end of the day, I am thankful that we all have our health.  My girls are beautiful, funny, caring, and HEALTHY children.  My husband and I are healthy.  Our families are healthy. That is all that matters.  Truly. 

2.  Although sometimes I complain, and most times I am exhausted, I am thankful that my husband and I are both working.  I took a risk when I resigned from my tenured teaching job to start a home daycare so I could be at home with my children while working...and so far, so good.  I will be ready to return to teaching in a few years, but this time spent with my children has been priceless.

3.  I know many people who don't live near their families.  Well, that is not the case with me.  I was born and raised in Delaware.  We live close to all of our family and friends (many of which I have had for decades).  I am really thankful for that.  There is a comfort in knowing that I could call my mom or mother in law and if we needed them, they could be here in a flash (which was VERY helpful when my water broke at 4 am with my 3rd daughter...and I was scheduled for my 3rd c-section that very day, but at 1:30 pm.  My mother in law was here in under 10 minutes.)

4.  I am so thankful that I can drink coffee...a lot of coffee.  It seems like I drank exponentially more coffee following the birth of each of the girls.  Coincidence? I think not.

5.  Reality television is my guilty pleasure..and for that, I am thankful.  I LOVE all the housewives from Bravo.  And I am reeealllllly thankful that the New Jersey season has just started again. 

6.  To keep with the reality television theme...I am thankful that my 6 year old likes to watch American Idol.  We DVR it (because she is already asleep when it comes on...or should I say, she is in bed calling me incessantly when it comes on)  and we watch it after school sometimes.  I like that it is something that we can watch together and really talk about and enjoy.

7.  Even though I want to quit my expensive, terrible habit...I just can't.  That habit is Target.  And I am so thankful for this store!  I can go get baby wipes, food, cleaning products, a pair of sandals, and a cute shirt all in ONE PLACE.  Jackpot.

8.  Sometimes I don't feel like talking on the phone, but I have to tell someone something or ask them a question.  At those times, I am very thankful for text messaging.  It's just so quick and easy.  No need to make pointless small talk.  BAM!  You can get right to it.  "What do you want for dinner?"  "Are you watching Modern family? LMAO!"  "WE need more wine."

9.  Warm weather is right around the corner.  We have had a taste of it here and there...but soon enough, it will be warm and it will stay that way for awhile.  After dealing with all the illnesses this winter, I am welcoming the spring with open arms.  And before we know it, it will be summer.  Even better!

10.  My last thing is not really ONE thing.  It's actually all the little things.  Yes, sometimes money is tight, the kids are fighting or not feeling well, things go wrong.  But in the great scheme of life, it is all just fine.  We have a roof over our heads, food on our table, cars to drive, jobs, our kids want for nothing...all the little things (that really are big things when you thing about it).  I am so thankful for all the little things, especially those 3 little things that I just put to bed:)

So there you have it. 

I am sure all of you could sit down and make a list of at least 10 things for which you are thankful.  Go ahead and do it...and share it if you want! I would love to hear:)


  1. Text messaging. Ah! I love it!
    Wonderful list.

  2. What a great list. I think as mommies we all should do this and maybe paste it to our foreheads for really tough days :)


  3. Love it! Great post.

    As long as we can all keep the good stuff in perspective, then let's all have some fun with our complaining! A reality check once in a while to look at all the things that really matter in life is a MUST!

    If I were to write the same post, I'd probably have 8 of the 10 you have listed above (coffee and Target included).


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