Friday, April 20, 2012

It's a Blog Eat Blog World

I have been blogging for about 10 months.  That's it.  But it feels like I have been doing it longer.  Probably because of all the time I put into it.  I have never put so much time into something that I enjoyed doing, just for the hell of it, for free.  YES. FREE.  I haven't made a penny. Not a damn penny.  It's fine, really it is. 

But honestly, how do bloggers make money? I know HOW.  I just don't know how.  It seems freakin' impossible.  Yet, some bloggers do it.  And they are damn good at it.  They get companies to pay them for advertising.  They write and get PAID for it on sites like or

So if I being am 100% honest, I would like the following to happen....and for it to happen ASAP...

1.  I would like to make some extra moolah from my little Google Adsense account on my blog.  But they put shitty ITT Tech ads on my blog, so that's not likely.

2.  I want free crap.  I want people/companies to start sending me fabulous, wonderful FREE samples of shit to try out.  I would love that.  If I like it, I would write about it.  If not, I won't say a word.  No trash talking here.

3.  I want something I write to be published somewhere.  Just for the hell of it.  So I can say ONCE a post of mine got published by the most fabulous mom website there has ever been and moms everywhere read it and LOVED it.  Then Rachel Ray contacted me to do a little mom/fun cooking segment on her show.  Then Ellen's people came calling.  Then....okay, maybe I'm getting a little carried away. 

So I kinda sorta know HOW it works.  And I have contacted/put my info in with/subscribed to other parenting websites.  So maybe I will hear something, someday...if I ever write anything good enough.  But for now I just write what I feel like writing. 

And I know I need a little PR page so people know I will be more than happy to accept free shit to review.  But I am not sure how to go about it and be legit.  As it turns out, I guess I am not really into trying to figure it out either.  Basically, I just want to rant about it here.

So I will continue to blog, and update my site, and post stuff on my facebook page, and read other blogs, and share what I feel like sharing...all for FREE.  And I will enjoy it.  I will enjoy it, dammit!


  1. When you learn these secrets, give me a call. I will click on the ITT Tech ad on your blog now for the hell of it.

  2. I haven't been blogging for as long as you have, but the getting paid aspect has crossed my mind a few times. I haven't bothered to put any ads on my blog because I doubt they will ever be clicked on. I spent a few weeks driving myself crazy trying to get my blog out there and to gain followers with pretty negligible results. I realized I enjoyed blogging much more when I didn't put so much pressure on myself to attract readers and to get exposure. I'm pretty competitve, but at some point my sanity became more important. After watching so much controversy explode around blogging contests I wasn't sure I wanted to get involved with all of that either. Instead, I have just been writing my blog and slowly and steadily my readership is building. Maybe someday I will have something BIG happen and that would be great. I am assuming it will be a long time from now if it ever happens, but hopefully I will be a seasoned, veteran blogger by then and have the skills and time to deal with it. I hope you have a lot of success with your blog and that at least some, if not all, of your blogging dreams come true!

  3. Well, it seems to me that people who are making money at this are the stay at home moms who can be attached to their computer for a big chunk of the day. So when you can quit your day job, THEN you'll be successful.
    I'm only kind of sort of joking.
    -just keep swimming

  4. Relax! Breathe! And go sign up with Clever Girls Network. You don't have to be attached to your computer to make money. You just have to write something now and then. ;) #UBP12

  5. Tell me about. My only dream in life is writing. I was techincally a journalist for ten years while in the Navy, so by default I've been published many times. I LOVE writing. I want to be able to make money. I truly think it is about finding your blog's purpose (I've yet to find mine). It seems the more successful blogs are the ones who are very specific (e.g. cooking, crafting). Or people who are just out and out potty mouths. Idk. Maybe we'll find it one day. ~TRHOS~

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