Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ultimate Reality Competition Show: Disney vs. Nick Jr

Well, many of you already know about what went down with all the Nick Jr. characters when they attended Ruby's spring party.  If you haven't read it, I would advise you do to so first.  You can do it right HERE ;)

To make up for getting so lit at the party, Dora decided to get a group of her friends together to participate in a "Survivoresque" reality competition show.  The two groups competing would be several of Dora's friends from the Nickelodeon network and a group of Disney faves from various movies and television programs.

Long story short, they began filming with a cast of 16 (8 from each group).  The competition was supposed to last 30 days.  The last man standing from each group would win a cash prize.  They participated in competitions as a whole group and individually to win immunity.

This was the cast.
Team Disney:  Cinderella, Snow White's Stepmother, Nemo, Minnie Mouse, The Beast, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Woody
Team Nick:  Dora, Diego, Ruby, Pablo, Uniqua, Kai-lan, Franklin, Little Bear

After 6 days, production was shut down and everyone was sent home...empty handed.

Here is why.

As hard as she tried to make it, Dora quit after 24 hours.  She couldn't handle being away from Boots...or Backpack...or her Arbor Mist.

Everyone was pissed because Belle and the Beast were cast.  They were the only couple.  As you might imagine, it was an unfair advantage.  They immediately created an alliance, which included Snow White's Stepmother and Cinderella.

On day 3, Snow White's stepmother happened to stumble upon some apples in the forest.  She offered them to Team Nick, who stupidly ate them.  They all suffered a TERRIBLE case of diarrhea and Little Bear and Ruby had to be hospitalized.

Pablo and Uniqua tried to make a song for every situation.  Although the tunes were catchy, everyone was exhausted and had listened to just about enough.  Minnie, sick and tired of being so sweet all the time, flipped her lid and ended up smacking Uniqua.  She was disqualified and sent home.

Sleeping Beauty did nothing but nap everyday. 

Nemo is a fish.  He can't live out of the water.  Sadly, he did not make it.

Diego won every competition.  His ability to speak to jungle animals proved to be an asset.  Especially when he convinced a puma to take Woody as a play toy.  Woody was found on Day 3 about a mile from camp, slightly mangled, but miraculously he survived.

Franklin and Kai-lan just sat together and whined about missing their friends.  They never had a chance in this competition...and they knew it.

And that about wraps it up.  The producers knew they were going out on a limb with this group and decided it was best to shut it down and pretend it all never happened.  They figured no one would watch the program.

That's too bad.  I know I would have.


  1. I would have absolutely watched this! TEAM DISNEY!!!

  2. I'm a little downhearted about poor Nemo's fate. I am a little partial to that guy. - just keep swimming

    1. I know!!! It was hard for me to decide what to do with that little guy. I love Nemo....and Just keep swimming:)

  3. Very fun! Diego would have been my pick to win it all.

  4. You must make these posts atleast a monthly thing. Love them!!!

  5. We all know the clear winner was Sleeping Beauty. She managed a nap EVERY DAY! Ellen

  6. I would have watched!! LOL I also would have been team Disney though!

  7. Hahaha! I really love the part about Nemo. He didn't make it, huh? Thanks for linking this up to #findingthefunny!


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