Sunday, February 17, 2013

25 Reasons Why My Kids May Be Fighting

1.  One looked at the other one the wrong way.

2.  There was only one cookie left.

3.  Out of the 374 Barbies that they have, they both happen to want to play with the same exact one.

4.  Someone said the other one was...too small, too big, a baby, a dork, stinky, mean, messy, dirty, too dressy, not dressy enough...

5.  There are 2 dozen other freeze pops left, but only one blue one.

6.  One is being too loud.

7.  One doesn't want to play with other.

8.  They actually want to play together but don't agree on the game.

9.  They pick a game but one wants to follow the rules to the letter and the other is more of a "make the rules up as we go" kind of gal.

10.  One got more cereal in her bowl than the other one.

11.  One got down the steps first.

12.  They want to watch different shows at the same time. 

13.  Their pancakes are not the SAME EXACT size...and one may have a pancake with a diameter of 1/16 of an inch larger than the other.

14.  One has to wear a uniform to school and the other doesn't so it's NOT fair. 

15.  I hugged one...which means that I love that child more.

16.  One of them wore the other one's socks.

17.  Even though a pair of pajamas is 2 sizes to small, one doesn't want to "hand down" their Tinkerbell nightgown to their younger sister.

18.  One drank the last juice box.

19.  They want their hair brushed and styled at the same exact time.  Kind of a problem when you don't have a team of stylists at your disposal.

20.  One breathed too loud.

21.  One laughed at something that the other did not find funny.

22.  One used all of the sidewalk chalk while the other was at school and all that was left were those annoying little nubs that just cause you to scrape your knuckles on the pavement.

23.  One sneezed on the other.

24.  One got dressed faster.

25.  They just decided to fight over nothing important at all to drive me to the brink of insanity.

And all of this has just been in the last 3 days...

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  1. I often hear "Mommy! Her is yookin out my window!" when we are driving. And, I can clearly understand her upset. The big sisters eyes are looking out a window that is closest to where she is sitting. How rude.
    Sigh. I can now understand how my moms backseat swatting arm came about.

  2. hahahaha some of these are legit. BLUE is the best flavor. Of ANYTHING!
    This is what I have to look forward to w/my girls. Note to self: Buy ONLY blue popsicles.

  3. Haha! That is hilarious and reminds me of when I used to fight with my sister:)

  4. Haha! That is hilarious and reminds me of when I used to fight with my sister:)


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