Friday, February 8, 2013

Why I Wear Mom Jeans with Pride

I didn't want to admit that I wear "Mom Jeans".  But when you are, in fact, a mom and you buy your jeans in the Target Women's section (not Juniors...please Moms, stop that shit), you most certainly wear "Mom Jeans".

I think it's time to embrace it.  We moms must wear our jeans with dignity and pride.  And with shirts that cover our muffin tops.

I am not going to lie to you, I feel kind of dressed up when I am wearing my jeans and not my New York and Company "pull on pant", which is just a fancier equivalent to the yoga pant.  My mom jeans make me feel like I have a purpose to my day.  I am going to tackle all that life throws at me while wearing my mom jeans.

Mom jeans are not super low waist jeans.  When you are a mom, you don't need low waisted jeans with your ass crack and thong hanging out when you sit down.  That's gross.  You are a mom now...and it's not acceptable.  I have 3 daughters and I don't want them thinking their ass crack is something to show the world. 

They don't have to be super high waisted either.  They will just emphasize the bulge.  I'm not saying you have a bulge...but I know I do.  And I want it to receive no attention.

Mom jeans can be paired with a sensible flat.  You can also go balls to the wall and wear a heel. 

Mom jeans can be worn with a nice sweater, a fitted blouse, a cute blazer, or a comfy down vest from Land's End.  The possibilities are endless.

Mom jeans can be worn to dinner, for a night on the town where you drink too much because you hardly EVER get a night on the town, to a PTA meeting, or while taking your kids to the park. 

On those days that you are feeling bloated and cranky, they can be unbuttoned and secured together with a pony tail holder.  You know that trick, right?  If you don't, inbox me and we'll chat. 

Moms jeans are cool and tough.  Mom jeans see you through diaper changes, spit up, trips to Target, the drive thru at McDonald's, and long phone conversations with old friends where your kids scream and cry for attention and you ignore them to complain about how hard this parenting gig is.  Mom jeans are always there for you.

And that's why I wear my mom jeans with pride.

My name is Katie...and I wear mom jeans.

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  1. My name is kat and I wear mom jeans!

  2. Hi Katie, my name is Teri and I'm a mom-jean wearer.

  3. I feel like I've been a Mom for so long that I don't even know what a non-Mom jean looks like. Thanks for allowing me to wear them with pride.

  4. I'm with Teri - my name is Joy and I'm a mom-jean wearer. We need a support circle where we can rejoice in our mom jeans, honor them, and pump our fists without the muffin tops showing!

  5. Just as long as they're not the As Seen On TV fake jeans/sweatpants in denim color near the checkout counter at Walgreens. But other than that, all non-junior cut, well-fitting mom jeans are pretty much awesome. Always.

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