Thursday, July 14, 2011


Just want to put a little disclaimer on here...
Although you may not know it from my posts, my kids are actually pretty good and they get along the vast majority of the time.  Yes, my 6 year old is bossy and the almost 3 year old throws an occasional tantrum.  But in general, they are wonderful.  The 6 month old is fabulous...she is so laid back and happy. 
Even this morning when I asked them to go check on the baby while I made her a bottle, they did the cutest thing.  I was on my way up the stairs and I heard laughing...the 2 older ones had climbed in the crib with the baby and they ALL that is was the funniest thing.  The baby was cracking up and it was adorable!!!
But you will not hear much of that on this blog...because to be perfectly honest with you, I think people would much rather here all the gory details of day to day life with 3 kids.  It makes for a much funnier story too.  So that's it, I just wanted put it out there:)

Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with the blog!!! I can't believe that I have had close to 2000 views so far. I really appreciate all of your feedback, too!

I hope everyone enjoys this BEAUTIFUL day!

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