Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maybe Sometimes Ignorance Really is Bliss

      The more educated that I become on a topic, the more stressed out I usually become about it. If I read about the harsh treatment of chickens, we generally have to spend double the money on cage free eggs at the grocery store.  Sometimes my worry fades...and sometimes, not so much.  To date, I have stopped buying almost all canned goods, baby food in plastic containers, scented children's products (not to mention that I spend about 10 minutes reading the label of every children's lotion/shampoo that I buy)...just to name a few. And don't even get me started with the organic food craze. If I don't buy organic fruits/veggies, I clean them all in a wash that I got from Trader Joe's. If I don't, all I can think of is my child ingesting pesticides...because of what I read. And I can't get I read more and more. I am convinced that I will have an ulcer in the very near future. This anxiety leads me to believe that maybe sometimes ignorance really is bliss!
      Summer time always adds extra stress because of sunscreen. My almost 3 year old has very sensitive skin and I have to be careful of what sunscreen I use on her. I found one that worked...but after reading that it had Oxybenzone in it (that has been found to be hazardous and is easily absorbed into the skin), I immediately stopped using it. A new one that I ordered will be arriving tomorrow. I am HOPING that it works.
      But honestly, this crap keeps me up at night! Wouldn't it be great if everything was all natural and free from chemicals? It just seems like every time I turn around I find out that something else is no good. Once I read about it, I can't bring myself to use it again for fear that I will be knowingly harming my children in one way or another.
      So I want to share this burden with you all (and I am sure you will thank me for the added stress). Here is a link to a list of the best sunscreens for summer.

      And do yourself a NOT search what you are using now if it is not all natural or organic because you will see that there are probably more harmful ingredients than you would care to know about.
(Thanks to my friend Katie G. for posting this link on facebook!!!)

      So at least my kids will be safe...while I am laid up in the hospital with multiple stomach ulcers due to worrying about every danger in the world.

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