Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whose TV is it anyway?

As my daughter was getting ready to watch the movie Lemonade Mouth on the Disney channel tonight, I promptly sent her upstairs so I could reclaim my television. First of all, I wanted her to get to bed because it had been a long day. More importantly, I really wanted to watch whatever mindless show was on Bravo or the Style channel (turned out it was Jerseylicious that tickled my fancy tonight).
In my house, the kids generally get to watch their shows in the evening before bed. My older daughter usually wants to watch Disney channel, while the almost 3 year old almost always gets her way and they end up watching Nick Jr.
After only one 30 minute program, my eyes are typically glazed over as I uncontrollably replay the songs from that show in my head over and over(The Fresh Beat Band is the worst with their annoyingly catchy tunes).
Really, how do these little people get control of everything? Most of the time they are not even watching the TV...but if I even try to sneak a show like Say Yes to the Dress on TLC for example, one of them will notice and basically berate me for it.
So I have to ask, whose TV is it anyway? I think it is time for me to take the power back.


  1. Same thing over here :) My guys always say it isn't fair you ALWAYS get to watch what you want to watch....even though they just watched a few shows......b/c same thing here I change the channel b/c they too NEVER even watch what is on.....I can usually get away with watching Toddlers and Tiaras though b/c Molly likes that....downside she keeps asking to do pageants!!!!!!

  2. Well the worst part was that about 10 minutes into that movie Lemonade Mouth, I found myself actually getting into that was when i had to cut it off. I didn't even want to go there.


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