Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sometimes "Yes" is Easier

If your child wants their fifth consecutive candy bar or they want to run with a knife or paint on your walls, you should definitely (I repeat, DEFINITELY) say "NO"! If they throw a complete tantrum in the middle of the store because they want a certain toy, you should NOT buy that toy.  If they cry because you did not give them what they want, you should not always (notice I said "always") give in...because then every time you say no, what will you have? A big crybaby!

However, there are many times when it is just a little easier to say "yes".  And I have convinced myself that it is perfectly acceptable to do this and give in...sometimes.
If you are making a dinner that you know your kids might not want to eat, and they want a bowl of cereal...let them eat cereal.  If they want chocolate milk instead of regular, big whoop.  Is it really going to hurt them to have some chocolate milk?  If they want to watch a movie on a beautiful day and you know they should be doing something outside (but you have a few things you could get done if they watch that movie), I say go for it.  If you go to the store and you tell them they can not get anything that day because you are just running in and out, but they ask for one little 59 cent candy bar at the check out and they have been good on the trip, why not?  When you are out at a restaurant and they want to eat a whole bag of M&M's while waiting for their dinner, then I say "whatever works".  You have to keep the peace, especially if you are at a crowded restaurant.  You don't want to get the evil eye from other completely unsympathetic, anything BUT understanding patrons.  Hey lady, don't go to Charcoal Pit if you are expecting a quiet, candlelit is a freaking ice cream place. But I digress, that is a story for another day.
My point here is that sometimes it is just so much easier to say "Yes".  Easier for you and for everyone else involved.   It does not mean you are a bad parent or a pushover.  It means you are doing the best you can to survive when you are expected to be on duty from sun up to sun down every single day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

Do you all agree? Is it easier to give in sometimes? I know I sure as hell think so...

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