Monday, July 18, 2011

Household Items that I Couldn't Live Without

There are many items that I use around that house that I just LOVE.  I could not live without them.  Well, I am sure that I could...but it would make life a whole lot harder.  Here are my top five most used/most convenient/most enjoyable household items:

My Dust Buster- Now I know that these little guys were popular back in the 80s, but mine is still an everyday necessity.  I vacuum at least once, sometimes twice, a day.  I have a large dog that sheds, 3 children, and a home daycare.  So it should not come as a shock that I have quite a few messes to clean up on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.  However, this makes it so much easier.  If I have already vacuumed but a child spills cereal on the floor, no problem. I get out my trusty dust buster.  If they proceed to walk on that cereal and smash it up...again, NO problem at all.  If they eat it off the floor before I get to it...well, then that's their problem.  Although with the dust buster within an arm's reach, chances are I will get to it and clean it up in time.  I just love that little sucker!

My Swiffer-  There is nothing that can clean a floor better than getting on your hands and knees and using some good old elbow grease.  BUT, the swiffer wet mopping clothes can help keep the floor cleaner for a longer period of time in between those deep cleans (and who I am kidding, I generally just use the swiffer and am lucky if I do a thorough cleaning 2 times a year).  There are always good coupons for Swiffer products, too!  I must admit, I am pretty wasteful when it comes to these though.  I will use at least 6 wet mopping pads just to do that kitchen (which is only about 12x10 ft).  I can't stand when they get dirty.  That is why I steer clear of traditional mops.  I feel like they just spread the dirt around. 

My DVR-  I HEART my DVR!!! I can record my shows...gasp, how dare I try to watch anything that would be of interest to me?  But when the kids are all in bed and there is nothing else going on, I can sit down and catch up on whatever Bravo program that I missed (because about 75% of what I watch in on Bravo anyway).  Then when I get about 10 minutes into my show and someone walks to the stop of the steps to request water, I can pause it and continue when I get a chance.  Sometimes it may take me up to 3 days to watch one 60 minute show.  But at least I know it is there when I am ready to watch it. (Plus we have Direct TV, so no On Demand for me...)

Baby Wipes-  Yes, I have a baby.  And yes, I use these when I change her diaper.  But it does NOT stop there.  I use baby wipes for SO many things.  If something falls on the floor, I use them to wipe it up.  I use them to wipe down my woodwork when I see a spot or mark.  I use them to wipe sticky hands and faces.  I even use them to get the mascara off from under my eyes...on the rare occasions that I actually wear mascara (I am sure they do wonders for the skin under my eyes, but whatever works at this point).  Baby wipes have an endless amount of uses.

My Laptop computer-  We had a desktop computer until 2008.  When I had our second daughter, we decided to get a laptop...1. because our other computer completely died, and 2. because it would be much more convenient.  We had our desktop computer up in our finished attic and it was a pain to go up to use it, especially with a 3 year old and a new baby.  The laptop has been wonderful.  We can take it around the house and use it wherever we want.  It is sometimes my only connection to the outside world, so it is wonderful having it with me when I need it.  How else would I be able to have the time to check email, find out every little detail of people's lives on the wonderful world of facebook, or see what's happening in the world?

I must add that there are some items that deserve mention...these items are my Keurig (it is it and use it every morning, more than I probably should), my vacuum (I run those babies into the ground), and my crock pot (which I use quite often in the winter).  I am sure that there are numerous other items that are escaping my memory at this moment, but I will be sure to add them to the list. 

What are your favorite household items??? And is it sad that I get excited enough about household items to write a blog entry about them? Please share!!!

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