Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Please Don't Judge Me

When I am out in public, there are times when my kids are not on their best behavior.  I am sorry.  That is just how it is.  Do you think I want them to act like that?  I can assure you that I do not. 
Sometimes people look at me and I can read their mind by the look on their face.  If they are a new mom with a baby, I just love it...sometimes I see actual fear in their eyes.  It is at the moment that I want to say, "Yes, your precious, innocent little baby will do this one day".  But instead I just smile and go about my business. 

So when I am at the store and I have opened a bag of goldfish, a box of fruit snacks, and a package of graham crackers just to keep my kids quiet (while both the 6 year old and 3 year old are crammed into the back of the cart snacking like it is an all you can eat buffet), please don't judge me.

When I walk away from my screaming child at the park and act like I am leaving her there (because I know that she will eventually follow me), please don't judge me.

When I laugh at my daughter's off that charts tantrum because I actually want to cry at that moment, please don't judge me.

When my 6 year old is wearing an entirely too dressy, bedazzled, velvet Christmas dress in the middle of summer because that is one battle I did not want to fight that morning, please don't judge me.

When I give my almost 3 year old a binky because she has asked for it about 100 times (and YES, I know she is too old for it but I usually only give it to her at nap/bed time at home but I can't take ONE MORE SECOND), please don't judge me.

When I put the TV on in the morning and let them watch a few shows in a row because I have about a dozen loads of laundry to do, a dishwasher to empty, and kitchen to clean, please don't judge me. 

If you don't have children yet and you are planning to at some point in the future, then definitely please don't judge me because you may just be ME someday...and I promise you that if I see you out in public and you are doing any of the above, I will NOT judge you.  I will probably go buy you a bottle of wine.


  1. HILARIOUS. got the evil eye on my 1st solo beach attempt last week. didn't even bring a chair anticipating the worst. i picked a spot, laid out a big ol' blanket and plopped down my super greased up babes & was hopeful. a mom & her 2 older kids were leaving and offered me her umbrella, i said thanks! picked up the babes and my blanket to move a few feet- as i was walking with them on my hips and blanket around my neck she with a know it all attitude loudly said- can't believe she had no shade for them. I JUST GOT THERE, I had the stinkin' $ for a rental but ummm... I JUST GOT THERE. think i'm always going to be judged, good think i have the i don't give a flying fudge attitude. cheers! keep it coming!!! :)

  2. I laughed the entire time I read this katie!! SO TRUE:)

  3. i have gone as far as to get into the car at the park and shut the door before luke will come running over tho the car.


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