Saturday, July 30, 2011

I didn't need to see that "Post Baby Body"

Do yourself and favor and do NOT google the term "post baby body".  You might mistakenly think that it will give you links to articles about good exercise or dieting tips to get your body back after baby.  Or you might think it would lead you to sites that tell you what changes to expect after you have a baby.

If you think are wrong.

What you will get are lists of article after article about different celebrities' post baby bodies.  There will even be images of celebs in bikinis on the beach with a baby on their hip (that are sure to boost your confidence). 

My daughter is 6 months old and I can tell you now I sure as hell don't look like any of them.  Yes, I don't have the time to work out with a personal trainer on a daily basis.  I don't have a personal chef to prepare the perfect balance of low carb, high protein meals.  But somethings gotta give here.

How is it even physically possible to sport a completely toned stomach 4 weeks after having a baby?  (I thought that I was being ambitious trying to lose it by the baby's first birthday...and by "it", I meant the weight.)

How can Heidi Klum walk the runway in the bikini after having 4 children?  Ok God, she is beautiful, successful, and wealthy...can't you just give her some stretch marks or something?

Not only did I get blessed with stretch marks...I got this lovely skin condition on my face called chloasma or the "mask of pregnancy" with my second daughter.  It's fabulous.  Looks like I have the shape of Australia on my right cheek and my left side looks like a map of Caribbean islands.  Just a freakin' mess.  And I still have a cool thirty pounds to lose compounded from my last two pregnancies.

So when I see these chicks who lose the weight ridiculously fast and bounce right back, I feel both inspired and disgusted.  I can't help but get the feeling that my children will be in high school and I will still be using the "I had 3 children" excuse. 

But I will continue to try to work on my "post baby body"...I just won't be googling that phrase anytime soon.

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